Poverty or Prosperity?

It's 1875 and 74% of income was spent on food, clothes, and shelter. 120 years later it's 1995 and only13% is spent on essentials for survival. Today it's even less and continues to decline exponentially. 

In the late 1800s 53% of people were in farming to produce enough food to live. 

Since then there has been a 95% drop in climate related death because of products and materials made from petroleum and natural gas especially the combustible engine and electricity. 

You see people used to be killed by the environment. It was HOSTILE to life. Today it still is but we have a way to fight back. 

Today 3% are farming and family members don't need to drop out of school to work the fields. 

Think clean water - 4 billion people don't have access to it in the world because they neither have electricity to run pumps nor the facilities to purify and distribute.  

Life span in 1900 was 40 today it's 79. Just about DOUBLED. 

Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and daily living products are NOT possible without oil and gas based products.

There are over 6,000 products made from Oil and Gas.

In the 1950s a household was considered wealthy if they had one vehicle and a color television. Today most homes have 3 vehicles, 4 televisions, 4 mobile phones, 4 computers/tables, 10 kitchen devices, 6 bathroom amenities, not to mention AC, water heater, that need stable and affordable electricity.

Simply put Oil and Gas are everywhere. It's living matter for living people.


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