Products from Fossil Fuels

Below are 56 out of 6,000 everyday products used by humans for the prosperity of life. Chances are if you're reading this right now it's on a device with petroleum by products, powered by electricity from a natural gas power plant, in a home heated by natural gas. Heck, your morning pills aren't possible without petroleum. Enjoy and be thankful for the oil and gas workers, companies, and those bringing you life everyday.


Clothing Ink Heart Valves Crayons
Parachutes Telephones Antiseptics Deodorant
Pantyhose Rubbing Alcohol Carpets Hearing Aids
Motorcycle helmets Pillows Shoes Electrical tape
Safety glass Nylon rope Fertilizers Hair coloring
Toilet seats Candles Credit cards Aspirin
Golf balls Detergents Sunglasses Glue
Fishing rods Linoleum Soft contact lenses Trash bags
Hand lotion Shampoo Shaving cream Footballs
Paint brushes Balloons Fan belts Umbrellas
Luggage Antifreeze Tires Dishwashing liquids
Toothbrushes Toothpaste Combs Tents
Lipstick Tennis rackets House paint Guitar strings
Ammonia Eyeglasses Ice chests Life jackets
Cameras Artificial turf Artificial Limbs Bandages
Dentures Ballpoint pens Nail polish Caulking
Skis Fishing lures Perfumes Shoe polish
Antihistamines Cortisone Dyes Roofing



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