Opportunity Cost or Fraud & Waste

$2 Trillion Dollars has been spent (mostly forced spend via tax dollars) since 2011 on wind and solar across the world. The ROI (return on investment) is 3% up from 0.5%.

At that rate $60 Trillion dollars would get the world to about 1/3 "clean energy" and be 3 years worth of total USA GDP.

Could you imagine if that $2 Trillion had been spent putting in known and proven methods? 

Maybe that's how China has gotten 400 million of it's people out of poverty in less than 20 years? 

Literally, an entire United States was brought out of poverty thanks to fossil fuels. 

Ironically, they use coal fired power plants to make solar panels that the USA buys 90% from but doesn't deploy themselves. 

By the way, they are the #1 emitter of Co2 in the world and NOT a part of the Paris Climate Agreement. Why is that?

Maybe they know that the efficiency of wind and solar is nothing compared to fossil fuels. 


A wind mill has 34.8 % efficiency (on a good day)

A solar panel has 24.5% efficiency (on a good day)


But don't worry the USA Taxpayer pays:


1.5 cents/kw for wind - no cap ( PTC)

26% tax "credit" for every dollar spent on solar - no cap (ITC)


Since 2010 over $100 Billion has been given in PTC and ITC.  That's about $300 for every women, man, and child in America. 


California will continue to have millions of people living in the dark because of rolling blackouts as they cannot increase supply when demand is needed. With electricity supply approaching 50% from ONLY wind and solar - the future will only get worse. 


Texas is fast approaching California with it's energy mix now above 30% "clean energy" i.e. wind, solar, and nuclear.


Next Up - Poverty or Prosperity?