OPEC & War

In 1972 the USA found itself rationing off gasoline and diesel because the Middle East decided they no longer wanted to supply oil to the USA. By 1977 a new Cabinet level department was created called the DOE.

Won't get into the endless wars fought over it. However, things have changed since 2010.

Due to bringing domestic oil and gas to the surface our country is no longer reliant on foreign countries which are more than often "hostile."

11.5 million barrels a day of oil and 107 Billion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas are produced everyday in the USA. (Pre-Covid it was 13 million barrels a day.) 

4 Million Barrels of Oil are exported each day making the USA a net exporter.

The USA is no longer dependent upon OPEC; changing the geo-political risk for the entire world. Less global military intervention. 

Wars in the Middle East are less likely as our domestic need is met at home. 

Peace deals have been signed and more are in development. 

The Abraham Accords have drastically impacted Middle East politics and war.


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