63% of electricity is from fossil fuels.

20% of electricity is from nuclear.

17% of electricity is from renewables. 

47% of all electricity is used for residential.

36% is for commercial.

16% for industrial. 

1% for transportation.

13 quadrillion BTUs are consumed every year in the USA. 

One human in America consumes 45 million BTUs every year.

Heating and cooling account for 55-60% of electricity usage.

Natural Gas is used to heat 76% of homes and commercial properties.

Average household uses 855 kw/month 

There are about 130 million households in the USA.

10,100,000 megawatts are demanded on average  - everyday  - in the USA.

3.7 Trillion  kilowatts were demanded in 2019 alone. 

Each American (330 million) consumes about 30 kw everyday.

National average household price is 13.0 cents/kw therefore $111/month.

EV's (Electrical Vehicles) will require an additional 200kw/month in "fuel."

 A person's electric bill would increase by 23% assuming the rate holds @ 13.0 cents/kw.

Moreover, 2,300,0000 megawatts would be needed to meet the demand for just one EV/house.

Most homes have 2.5 vehicles on average today.

There are 230 million vehicles in the USA alone.

Did you know there are 600 million people in Africa that don't have electricity which is 2.5 times the number of vehicles in the USA & twice the population of America. 

600 Million people in Africa without electricity yet we make them mine for metals & minerals to power our "clean energy."

In 2016, 140 "disturbances & unusual occurrences" were reported and in 2020 383 were reported. That's a 270% increase. In 2002 there were 23.

In that time, more "renewable energy" displaced coal & nuclear plants in accordance with the 2005 Energy Policy Act (i.e. subsidized tax credits for wind & solar).

Speaking of homes, how much land does it take to generate all those kilowatts? 


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