Electric Vehicle (EV) & "Fuel"


European Union electricity costs have increased 3x because of it's "green initiatives."  A gallon of gasoline is $5.80.

Depending on which state you're in the cost is more than half of that in the USA.

A single electric-car battery weighs about 1,000 pounds and requires 500,000 lbs of raw materials to be moved to get its metals.

EV's now weigh 500 + lbs MORE than other vehicles on the roads.

How will that affect roads designed for less weight per non-commercial vehicle?

Don't forget the need for an additional 7.9  million kw/day to "fuel" the EVs so an additional 79 BILLION cubic feet/day in NEW natural gas production to feed the power plants. 

That would be 88% increase from current consumption levels in the USA of 89 bcf/day. 

How is that?

Well the average EV will need 200kw/month in charging. 

That is about a 25% uplift per home per EV from current consumption just on one EV.

With homes having an average of 2.5 vehicles that's a lot of NEW POWER GENERATION needed.

To meet the additional 7.8 million MW/day to charge all EVs (assuming all vehicles replaced with EVs) there would need to be an additional 9,750 natural gas power plants. (800 MW/ plant/day)

Ironically, China has about 10,000 coal fired power plants right now to make the solar panels, products, etc. used to charge the "clean energy EVs." 

How does the price of a new EV compare to a combustible engine? 

Average combustible engine vehicle (new) $33,000.

Average price for a new EV $55,000.

I'll leave you with this. Most EVs can't go over 150 miles without a charge. 

There are 4 "levels" of charge.

Level 1

1 kw (home outlet) 120 volts

5-6 MPHc (miles per hourly charge)

12-24 hours for full charge

Level 2

7 - 19 kw (tap your electric panel) 240 volts

25 MPHc 

5-10 hours for full charge

Level 3 ("Fast Charger")

50 kw (separate installation 3 phase) 

+/- 200 MPHc

30 mins to 1 hour for full charge

Level 4 ("Super Charger")


250 + MPHc

30 minutes or less (weather permitting)

Now there are over 115,000 gasoline stations nationwide and can fill up in less than 5 minutes or faster.

Better hope it doesn't go below freezing because that range goes down with it.. Batteries don't like cold.

So unless you are short trips back and forth - good luck with that EV (better not forget you plug adapters)

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