There are 1 Billion + vehicles in the world (out of 7.9 Billion people) with 280 million vehicles, 200,000 airplanes, 17 million boats & 3 TRILLION miles driven every year in the USA alone. Of those miles 450,000 are first time motorcycle purchasers. 

What about all the other toys, tech, entertainment, clothes, materials, etc that you buy? How do they get to the USA?

Ships. 60,000 of them on the high seas everyday. 

You couldn't have the life you have today if weren't for those cargos carrying your stuff from the rest of the world.

Coffee beans from Africa & Latin America that didn't arrive would stop your Starbucks dead. 

What about avocados? Chile.

Chocolate beans? Africa.

Won't go on but hopefully you get the picture. 

So you eat good, while streaming Netflix on a huge screen, Instagraming your food on your phone at home or maybe ordering it delivered from an app.

Speaking of homes they don't work without electricity. 


Next Up - Electricity