Numbers v. Feelings

Talking to "Climate Activists" is not easy. Why? Because they think with fear not rationality, logic, and hope. 

Below you will find some simple, objective, facts to drive conversation. 

Remember, Oil and Gas Enable Life !



$2 Trillion Dollars has been spent since 2011 on wind and solar across the world. That created a 2.5% ROI.

34.8 % efficiency for a wind mill. 

24.5% efficiency for a solar panel.

10x current minerals are needed to make the components of solar. 

There is 5 -7 degree increase at solar farms i.e. "solar heat inland effect."

Clean water - 4 billion people don't have access to it in the world because they don't have electricity to run pumps.

The average human lives 3 x longer than in the 1800s because of access to industrialized production powered by fossil fuels.

To meet the additional 7.8 million MW/day to charge the EVs (replacing all miles driven in a year) there would need to be an additional 9,750 natural gas power plants. (800 MW/ plant/day)

A solar panel averages 4 lbs/sqft with a cost of $2.91/watt or $2,910/kw

So a home with a 9.6kw system would cost about $36,000

What does the cheapest Tesla cost?  About $40,000.

Going solar isn't affordable and therefore not sustainable. 






1 Billion + vehicles in the world (out of 7.9 Billion people)

280 million vehicles in the USA.

200,000 airplanes in the USA.

17 million boats in the USA.

3 TRILLION miles driven every year in the USA alone. 

140 million gallons of fuel used each day.

450,000 motorcycles purchased each year.

60,000 ships that make it possible cruising the high seas.

40,000 airports in the world with 40 million flights each year.

Each day 10 million people fly and 225 million gallons of jet fuel are used. 






63% of electricity is from fossil fuels.

20% of electricity is from nuclear.

17% of electricity is from renewables. 

Heating and cooling account for 55-60% of electricity usage.

Natural Gas is used to heat 76% of homes and commercial properties.

Average household uses 855 kw/month 

There are about 130 million households in the USA.

10,100,000 megawatts are demanded on average  - everyday  - in the USA.

3.7 Trillion  kilowatts were demanded in 2019 alone. 

Each American (330 million) consumes about 30 kw everyday.



Everyday Life: 6,000 products are made from fossil fuels. 



Clothing Ink Heart Valves Crayons
Parachutes Telephones Antiseptics Deodorant
Pantyhose Rubbing Alcohol Carpets Hearing Aids
Motorcycle helmets Pillows Shoes Electrical tape
Safety glass Nylon rope Fertilizers Hair coloring
Toilet seats Candles Credit cards Aspirin
Golf balls Detergents Sunglasses Glue
Fishing rods Linoleum Soft contact lenses Trash bags
Hand lotion Shampoo Shaving cream Footballs
Paint brushes Balloons Fan belts Umbrellas
Luggage Antifreeze Tires Dishwashing liquids
Toothbrushes Toothpaste Combs Tents
Lipstick Tennis rackets House paint Guitar strings
Ammonia Eyeglasses Ice chests Life jackets
Cameras Artificial turf Artificial Limbs Bandages
Dentures Ballpoint pens Nail polish Caulking
Skis Fishing lures Perfumes Shoe polish
Antihistamines Cortisone Dyes Roofing