Feelings or Facts ?

There is a massive amount of misinformation out in the public. Our goal is to help bring to light some of those feelings for facts.

Chances are you're reading this on device made on and powered from fossil fuels in a building with heat/ac, clean running water, and food at the ready. Can wind and solar make this happen? Do we forget what makes daily life possible? 

$2 Trillion Dollars has been spent since 2011 on wind and solar across the world that yielded a 2.5 % ROI. That means 97.5% of capital was never returned. Remember Solynda?  How about Tonopah? 

Talking to "Climate Activists" is not easy. Why? Because they think with fear not rationality, logic, and facts. 

For example - efficiency (i.e. does it work?) 

There is a 34.8 % efficiency for a wind mill. 

Worse is solar with a 24.5% efficiency.

10 times current minerals are needed to make the components of solar. There are not enough metal and mineral reserves known to be accessible and affordable.

Why is Solar hot? Maybe it's the fact that it heats the ground instead of allowing radiation to bounce off back into the atmosphere as it's done for centuries.

There is 5 -7 degree increase at solar farms i.e. "solar heat inland effect."

Is that why California is burning more often?

Clean water - 4 billion people don't have access to it in the world because they don't have electricity to run pumps, the purification process, and pipelines to move it.

The average human lives 3 x longer than in the 1800s because of access to industrialized production powered by fossil fuels.

So lets say that every current vehicle is replaced by an EV. Great, right?

Well each of those EVs still need to be charged. That charge comes from somewhere.

To meet the additional 7.8 million MW/day to charge the EVs (replacing all miles driven in a year) there would need to be an additional 9,750 natural gas power plants. (800 MW/ plant/day)

Simply put the amount of natural gas production would have to double and 5x the current number in existence in the USA. 

Why not just put panels on my house?

A solar panel averages 4 lbs/sqft with a cost of $2.91/watt or $2,910/kw

So a home with a 9.6kw system would cost about $36,000 batteries not included. 

So what about driving? Glad you asked. 

There are 1 Billion + vehicles in the world (out of 7.9 Billion people) with 280 million vehicles, 200,000 airplanes, 17 million boats and 3 TRILLION miles driven every year in the USA alone. Of those miles 450,000 are first time motorcycle purchasers. 

What about all the other toys, tech, entertainment, clothes, materials, etc that you buy? How do they get to the USA?

Ships. 60,000 of them on the high seas everyday. 

You couldn't have the life you have today if weren't for those cargos carrying your stuff from the rest of the world.

Coffee beans from Africa and Latin America that didn't arrive would stop your Starbucks dead. 

What about avocados? Chile.

Chocolate beans? Africa.

Won't go on but hopefully you get the picture. 

So you eat good, while streaming Netflix on a huge screen, Instagraming your food on your phone at home or maybe ordering it delivered from an app.

Speaking of homes they don't work without electricity. 

How do we power those buildings, homes, events  we move to and from daily?

63% of electricity is from fossil fuels.

20% of electricity is from nuclear.

17% of electricity is from renewables. 

47% of all electricity is used for residential.

36% is used via commercial.

16% for industrial. 

1% for transportation.

13 quadrillion BTUs are consumed every year in the USA. 

One human in America consumes 45 million BTUs every year.

Heating and cooling account for 55-60% of electricity usage.

Natural Gas is used to heat 76% of homes and commercial properties.

Average household uses 855 kw/month 

There are about 130 million households in the USA.

10,100,000 megawatts are demanded on average  - everyday  - in the USA.

3.7 Trillion  kilowatts were demanded in 2019 alone. 

Each American (330 million) consumes about 30 kw everyday.

National average household price is 13.0 cents/kw therefore $111/month.

EV's (Electrical Vehicles) will require an additional 200kw/month in "fuel."

 A person's electric bill would increase by 23% assuming the rate holds @ 13.0 cents/kw.

Moreover, 2,300,0000 megawatts would be needed to meet the demand for just one EV/house.

Most homes have 2.5 vehicles on average today.

There are 230 million vehicles in the USA alone.

Did you know there are 600 million people in Africa that don't have electricity which is 2.5 times the number of vehicles in the USA?

600 Million people in Africa without electricity yet we make them mine for metals and minerals to power "clean energy."

Mining is good, right?

A single electric-car battery weighs about 1,000 pounds and requires 500,000 lbs of raw materials to be moved.

EV's now weigh 500 + lbs MORE than other vehicles on the roads. 

More than 90% of the world’s solar panels are built in Asia on coal-heavy electric grids. 121 gigawatts worth which is more than every other country's coal plants COMBINED

China and India have over 10,000 coal fired power plants.

Building one wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of non-recyclable plastic.

Solar power requires even more cement, steel, glass, & land. 

Global silver and indium mining will jump 250% and 1,200% respectively over the next couple of decades to provide the materials necessary to meet expected solar "demand."

Lithium, cobalt, manganese, are heavily used in batteries. The most abundant source is "mined" from brine water. 

These mines are located in child labor driven countries.

That means finding more "water sources" depleting reservoirs. 

Oil and Gas Produced water i.e. brine/salt water is produced at a 4x - 6x rate for each barrel of oil. There's lithium in FRACKING ! 

Hopefully, this has been helpful. Many more conversation starters are under the main menu broken down by issue. Check them out.

I'll leave you with little but big note:

Everyday Life: 6,000 products are made from fossil fuels. Below are just 56 of those 6,000.


Clothing Ink Heart Valves Crayons
Parachutes Telephones Antiseptics Deodorant
Pantyhose Rubbing Alcohol Carpets Hearing Aids
Motorcycle helmets Pillows Shoes Electrical tape
Safety glass Nylon rope Fertilizers Hair coloring
Toilet seats Candles Credit cards Aspirin
Golf balls Detergents Sunglasses Glue
Fishing rods Linoleum Soft contact lenses Trash bags
Hand lotion Shampoo Shaving cream Footballs
Paint brushes Balloons Fan belts Umbrellas
Luggage Antifreeze Tires Dishwashing liquids
Toothbrushes Toothpaste Combs Tents
Lipstick Tennis rackets House paint Guitar strings
Ammonia Eyeglasses Ice chests Life jackets
Cameras Artificial turf Artificial Limbs Bandages
Dentures Ballpoint pens Nail polish Caulking
Skis Fishing lures Perfumes Shoe polish
Antihistamines Cortisone Dyes Roofing


Do you want to change up your way of life and go back a century?