Is a "Climate Change Labeling Act" Coming ?

If you have kept up on the SEC lately they are pushing for "disclosures" pertaining to '"Climate Change." They are called Scope 1, 2, & 3 where 1 is about the companies emissions, 2 is about their vendors, & 3 is about "indirect impacts" that the company (may) cause. 

This is neither in the purview of their rule making authority nor should it be. 

It's another attempt to go around Congress.

To force "clean energy" on the masses. 

But this article isn't about the SEC. It's about the "environmentalists" long term goal to have a legal classification standard, regulation, fine, & possible prison leveraging the CFR. 

The CFR stands for Code of Federal Regulations. 

it's were all laws "on the books" are articulated & eventually adjudicated in a court of law. 

Did you know the FTC can come after a company for improperly labeling things like a tag on clothes? 

The FDA has authority under the "Dietary Supplement Labeling Act" (the 2,000 calorie tag on all foods, supplements, etc.) .

So imagine if every product and service was required to have such a "label" on the amount and type of energy, CO2, GHG, was used in the process, it's vendors, & their product when used. 

Could you imagine such a thing/

Many would say "that would never happen."

But there is a grandma out there who made a delicious meal back in the day that said the same thing too 

Since the DSLA first passed in 1990 obesity and health issues have sky rocketed. They didn't get better. What was meant to help the "general public" with their "health & safety" didn't actually do what it was supposed to do. 

Otherwise everyone would be super healthy counting those calories, fat, & carbs, right?!

So do you think having a "Climate (Environmental Label) will prevent Mr. & Mrs. Jones from consuming things, being comfortable, & having convenience?

No it will not.

But that will not stop the "Climate Warriors" from trying. The SEC is just the start.

Wait till they try to use the EPA next. Maybe even create a new actual Cabinet out of the EPA.

Department of Environment & Science. Taksed with enforcement of the NEPA, EPA, & EDSA ("Environmental Disclosures & Standards Act").

It's coming unless we help educate the masses while entertaining them.

We have to take the message to them.

It's up to all of us right now. 

Educate with entertainment. 

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