A Real Energy Crisis

The Oil & Gas Industry has been vilified since the financial crisis circa 2008-2010.

When the United States was bailing out poor financial decisions to the tune of Trillions another part of the government was planting seeds of destruction.

Those seeds would been planted in agencies like the EPA, FERC, DOT, NTSB, DOE, SEC, etc. 

The "rulemaking" feature in which Congress 'delegated' policy to the agencies to ensure functionality and adaptability has been weaponized. SCOTUS has repeatedly shot down such rules as arbitrary and capricious. Yet, the agencies continue to do so willfully as they know it will take 5 + years to move through the Federal Judiciary System.

Meanwhile, regulatory uncertainty every two years doesn't help either. Clearly established standards are necessary for capital risk modeling (FIDs). Why risk capital now if in 4 years after it's deployed the entire systems is stalled, stranded, or shutdown (the bad 3S method)? 

Prime example is the Keystone XL pipeline. If it has not been EO'd by Biden as a First 100 Days action item, it would be online right now and delivering much needed relief as the Russia/Ukraine War wreck havoc on energy markets worldwide. 

How does POTUS have this discretionary authority without Congressional affirmation? 

The EPA & SEC are now requiring "climate change" disclosures when there isn't an actual definition of "climate change" established by law. If that isn't arbitrary and capricious, what is? 

Yet these agencies keep doing it. 

I predict continuous weaponization of agencies until Congress takes action to limit it statutorily. 

Each year over 3,000 rules are entered into the FR (Federal Register) which makes it "law." In contrast Congress passes 1/10 of that in actual law, around 300 bills.

If this isn't reeled in you can expect it to reach the American household very soon.


Through THE GRID.

Taking down known, proven, on demand, affordable generation for non-reliables ("renewables") like wind & solar is destabilizing  The Grid delivers electrons in real time based on demand. It has to be produced and used with a steady frequency (60HZ). The smallest imbalance will literally cause a meltdown. 

That's what almost occurred in Texas during the February 2021 Freeze. ERCOT (the RTO) had become heavily dependent on wind for generation. When demand exceeded supply and the wind couldn't supply and ERCOT had to cut off electricity to natural gas wells. Those wells supplied the fuel for natural gas generating stations that needed brought online to make up the wind shortfall. 

Here is what's coming - "smart meters." Those smart meters will give the power companies "discretionary authority" to cap consumption at the home level. At first it will be justified for "climate change" and then for "your safety."

The umbrella of "energy justice" will become commonplace. 

So now what you took for granted, like being able to leave the lights on and charge a plethora of screens will be limited.

What won't be limited?

Plugging in all those EVs.

Just imagine the generation needed to meet that demand!

It can't.

Unless of course the power companies do it for you.

That is the real energy crisis forthcoming that very few are talking about. 

Government telling you when, where, how, you can use electricity. 

They won't even have to pass a law for it. They will just create a "rule" for your safety and saving the climate. 



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