Wake Up America; Energy (&) Poverty Are Closer Than You Think.

COP 26 just ended and "world leaders" are once again trying to instill fear of death by climate. But in all their efforts over the decades Europe is begging for coal & natural gas to heat homes & ensure the electric doesn't go out.

Current electric prices are 4x that of America and only climbing. Germany is about shut down 3 nuclear power plants in the middle of December with no supply replacement. 

All of this is 100% preventable.

For over 140 years coal has supplied ample electrons. It ended massive poverty, hunger, & disease, with innovation. During that time more natural gas & nuclear power generation has stepped up too. Coal, natural gas, nuclear were the proven sources of electricity around the developed world. Heck, it made the developed world.

Yet here we are dismantling it under the umbrella of "Climate Change." CO2 is now considered a "pollutant" by definition instead of what it's been for centuries - an energy by product that acts as food for plants & the Earth. 

More greening has taken place over the past decades despite the massive deforestation in 3rd world countries for wood to burn to cook food. Ironic isn't it?

We use more energy, not less.

EVs are all the hype right now. What happens when they all plug in at the same time? Is the electricity going to magically come out of the wall? (Sadly, many think it does).

In America we have a subsidy crisis, not a climate crisis.

The United States government has pumped over $150 Billion of tax payer money into "tax credits" to subsidize solar & wind projects. Now they want to add about another $2 Trillion to that total. 

Meanwhile, the movement called ESG has forced capital out of anything not "clean energy" i.e. coal, natural gas, oil, & even nuclear & into the tax credit haven called solar & wind.

Overall energy sustainability hasn't increased; it's actually decreased. Just look at California & most recently Texas. Blackouts because there isn't enough energy when needed the most.

It's been replaced with the government subsidized projects that can't produce on demand. Where with coal, natural gas, nuclear you can store the supply. Wind & solar you cannot. (Sorry, batteries you just don't have the energy density to play with the big boys & girls.)

What's going on in Europe right now is what the COP 26 crowd is trying to bring to the United States. An unstable, overly expensive, & deadly power generation system called "renewables."

The only thing renewable are their tax credits. 

Let's stop this madness before it's actually too late. I'm not worried what might happen a century from now. I am worried about what will happen this decade.

America, this is literally life and death we are talking about. It's time to step up. 


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