Deep Freeze & EVs

Not going to repeat what's been out there by multiple news outlets. Pointing fingers and encouraging the blame game isn't what this article is about. This article is about a deeper issue. Americans want, need, & demand MORE ENERGY, not less. 

Just like a person on a diet they try to take in less calories (energy) while exercising & actually need more calories. Same thing is going on with the grid in Texas & the national grid is 10x worse. 

People are using MORE not less. Think of all the phones, tablets, gaming consoles, toothbrushes, social light rings, TVs, dual ovens, Alexa devices, ring door bells, kitchen appliances, etc. They are pulling power even when not "on." 

On average the United States uses 10,100 GW (10.1 Million MW/10.1 Billion KW) each day. That's an incredible amount of energy. 

The consumption is going up while the generation is going down.

Closing of coal plants for intermittent wind/solar doesn't offset the on demand effectiveness of coal plants. Wind/solar also need upwards of 10x the land than a coal plant. But that's an article for another day. 

Over the past 10 years the US Gov't has given $100 billion to wind/solar (regardless if it works) and an explosion in development has occurred. Why not; it's not "your money," right?

Think about 2010, a decade ago. We didn't have nearly the electronics we do now. Heck, homes are "smart homes" now and even our vehicles have "infotainment" systems. Those seemingly small things add up in a big way. 

Now homes are averaging 1,000 kw/month and with each household average of 2.5 that is 400 kw/month/person in consumption. 

Just like calories we are using more, not less, and telling ourselves that we are "dieting and exercising."

We're lying to ourselves to make us feel better and fit in. 

The biggest lie of them all? 

EVs. (Electric Vehicles for those first time readers. You know.... Tesla)

Do you really think the grid is ready to handle 230 million vehicles charging? 

That's how many current vehicles are in the USA right now. 

"Clean energy" folks please keep up the lies and more states will be hit like California & Texas. 

We need more on demand, affordable, and consistent energy; Not when The Grid wants it, expensive, & inconsistent energy. 

The Grid isn't ready for EVs and neither are you.

Remember, diet and exercise only work when you do. Want EVs to workout (pun intended) then you need more energy, not less. More calories, not less.


In Energy We Trust,

- JB






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