Texas RRC & the Future of Texas.

The Texas RRC (Railroad Commission) is the regulatory body for Oil & Gas in Texas. Over the past 6 months the election pressured up (pun intended) between incumbent Wayne Christian and "newcomer" Sarah Stogner.  

"Bare" with me on these numbers. It's very telling.

In the March primary Wayne got 750k votes on the Republican Ticket, Sarah got 241k, and three others got 599k. 

That's 840k votes for someone other than Wayne and 750k for, with a total of 1.5M votes.

As a result, a runoff was set for May 24th.

Those results are shocking. 

Wayne got 566k and Sarah 303k for a total of 859k votes.

Close to half of those whom voted in the primary DID NOT cast a vote in the runoff. 

Sarah increased her turnout by 25% and Wayne lost turnout by 25%

That means Sarah tapped into something that is showing fragmentation in the Republican Party of Texas. 

Sarah pitched herself as more of a "reformer" & Wayne as the "Texas Traditionalist" & came out wining as a result. 

The bigger question is this - where did all the other non - Sarah, non-Wayne voters go? 

Did they simply not like Sarah? (She did staddle a pumpjack, literally)

One thing is for sure, they didn't show up for Wayne either.

Will they show up in November when the Democrat candidate does and whom pulled in 910k votes in his primary?

If they don't then Texas may see it's first Democrat statewide win since 1994.

One thing is vitally clear - Texas is changing.

Will the legacy RRC change with it, or be forced to?





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