What is the Oilfieldlyfe ?

Welcome to OilfieldLyfe ! We appreciate you taking time to be a part of a pro-energy movement. We want to hear your stories about working in the oil and gas industry. 

In today's world those employed by, in, for the oil and gas industry are constantly being accused and attacked by environmentalists, politicians, and celebrities as if they are "evil."

Oilfieldlyfe was created to showcase who they are and the industry they call home.

Our goal is to not only inspire each other but lead the public to a better understanding of where the oil and gas come from, where they go, why the go there and whom they go to.

Showing that hydrocarbons are everywhere in everything for everyone. Oil and gas enable life.

Welcome to The OilfieldLyfe.











Ray Schneider

My names Ray Schneider and I’m the Owner of R&J Green Completions Inc. which is a North America Oilfield Flowback staffing and recruiting firm. We have been open and running for just over two years and been very successful until this covid-19 hit us with the Saudi and Russia price war following along. Due to being a smaller recruiting and staffing agency we will survive these hard times but i pray for the patch daily and the men and women less fortunate. I’m currently with VeoGlobal now and we do invoice factoring, InstaPay for trucking companies, capital loans, debt refinance, personl loans, purchase order funding,and equipment loans with some of the best lenders in the market and unbeatable rates. Appreciate everyone taking a minute to hear my story and hope to see everyone in the patch again soon!

Ray A. Schneider

R&J Green Completions Inc.

C: 360.721.1802

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